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Law of One Terminology

Introduction: Whether you are just beginning to study the Law of One or a longtime student, you may find a review of the common terminology used in the material to be beneficial. I know the more I analyze these concepts and terms, the deeper I have been able to understand the Law of One.

This review is not intended to be a comprehensive list but rather a starting point for some key terminology used by Ra. Please note, some terms may build on one another, so greater understandings may be achieved the further you progress.

Intelligent Infinity = Ra says that any concept used to describe intelligent infinity is incorrect… So with this in mind, the limited definitions we can gleam from Ra on intelligent infinity indicate that it is the original, most pure, and highest sense of all there is. The point of non-duality, that is every "part" of creation in whole with no ending, while also containing infinite potential possibilities. Intelligent infinity is what unifies everything, since it IS everything. While incarnate, we have the opportunity to contact intelligent infinity, to then bring through intelligent energy, allowing us to begin to grasp some understanding of its mysterious nature.

Intelligent Energy = The one "energy" that makes up everything in the universe, commonly referred to as love/light, light/love, and Logos. Ra explains intelligent infinity to be the potential side, with intelligent energy as the kinetic side that taps the potential to yield work. In other words, intelligent energy is described as the "focusing" of intelligent infinity. Everything in manifestation consists of this energy. It is the energy used by the Logos to create, organize, transform, and dismantle every foundational aspect of life. All while also creating the boundaries or parameters in which creation can explore Itself as the Creator.

Distortion = Anything that has been modified to appear as different from the perfect, undistorted Creator itself (intelligent infinity). These distortions create the means in which the Creator can experience itself by making up everything in the universe. Everything that is not whole intelligent infinity is some sort of distortion to the Creator. Ra does provide a hierarchical structure to the main distortions of the Creator:

  • 1st Distortion = Free Will

  • 2nd Distortion = Love

  • 3rd Distortion = Light

Energy Centers = Most commonly known as "chakras". There are seven energy centers or "rays" which each correlate to the associated density true-color vibration. (refer to the list below "Densities"). These energy centers run the length of our spine and make up our bodily energy systems which process the entering intelligent energy. Each energy center vibrates or rotates with unique characteristics (See third paragraph of 49.6 for examples of characteristics) that can cause energy blockages from our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors that we experience. Conversely, the energy centers can also become crystallized, allowing greater amounts of energy to flow through the entity for it to utilize. Both of these conditions determine how efficiently energy can filter through the energy centers.

Densities = Are vibrational levels of consciousness. There are seven densities, with the 8th becoming the 1st of the next octave of experience (commonly compared to notes on a musical scale). Following this structure, there are an infinite amount of densities. These densities are categorized by the amount of light that is packed into them with each progressive density having greater and greater amounts of light. This hierarchical progression also relates to the rising consciousness level of the entity as well. Therefore, each density represents a different vibrational spectrum of light energy. Each with its own lessons that must be learned by the entity before they can graduate to the next density. Ra most commonly refers to the 7 densities of our present octave which are summarized in the following list:

  • 1st Density = Density of Awareness (Red Ray) - Consists of the elements of wind, water, fire, and earth

  • 2nd Density = Density of Growth/Movement (Orange Ray) - Consists of single celled organisms to plants and animals

  • 3rd Density = Density of Self-Awareness (Yellow Ray) - Consists of mind/body/spirit complexes (humans) and is our current density

  • 4th Density = Density of Love/Understanding (Green Ray) - Consist of entities with both a chemical & light bodies

  • 5th Density = Density of Light/Wisdom = (Blue Ray) - Consists of entities with bodies made entirely of light

  • 6th Density = Density of Unity = (Indigo Ray) - Where Ra currently is in consciousness and where our Higher Self resides (see Higher Self definition)

  • 7th Density = Density of Completion/Gateway (Violet Ray) - Where the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex Totality resides (see Mind/Body/Spirit Complex Totality definition)

  • 8th Density = Octave which moves into a mystery which Ra does not plumb…

Veil of Forgetting = The veil is a specific quality to the 3rd density experience that separates our conscious and unconscious mind. Accordingly, the unconscious mind is not directly known to the conscious mind with the veil in place. This means, entities entering a 3rd density experience would completely forget who they are, what they have done, and why they are here (to name a few). The veil of forgetting has been described as one of the most significant implementations by the Logos. This is because it created a new way for entities to learn the ways of love, the concepts of polarity, and the will to evolve back to the Creator. This constructed an overall more vivid, varied, and intense experience for the Creator to explore and know itself throughout the infinite possibilities.

Mind/Body/Spirit Complex = This is basically what we would call a conscious human being or person. It is made up of three interwoven components that make the experiences we have possible. The body is the physical manifestation portion of us that we have experiences through. The mind is the portion that contains our feelings, emotions, and intellectual thoughts that make up consciousness. The mind also has greater depth to it that can be explored, examples of this include the Akashic and Archetypal Mind. Then the spirit is the channel whereby all types of energies are funneled into consciousness. Due to the Veil of Forgetting, these are all considered "complex" and together make up the self-conscious entities we are now in this 3rd density experience. As you can see, there is much more to us than most suspect, that is why Ra refers to us as Mind/Body/Spirit Complexes.

Higher Self = An entity that exists in the mid-sixth density that is beyond polarity and time which has full understanding of all an entities experiences. Each entity, without exception, has a higher self. The higher self is only a resource to the entity if the entity should chose to use it and create the conditions necessary to access it. Additionally, the entity cannot be manipulated or have its free will violated by the higher self. Other key aspects to the higher self is that it works closely with the entity in-between incarnations to help learn, heal, and plan additional lessons in upcoming incarnations.

Mind/Body/Spirit Complex Totality = This entity exists in the mid-seventh density of consciousness, also outside of time. It serves as a resource to the higher self. It is all-knowing in experiences of the mind/body/spirit, simultaneously accessed in the present moment. The mind/body/spirit complex totality is what exists before willingly being absorbed back into the oneness of the Creator.

Harvest = This term was given by Ra to represent the graduation from one density to the next. Moreover, the harvest occurs according to an intelligently designed "clock" that encompasses the galaxy. Continuing this analogy, the harvest is the time constituting the end of a density cycle, as the striking of the hour on the galactic clock. At this point, all entities are harvested and then evaluated to see if they have successfully learned the lessons of their density to then determine if they may graduate to the next. Any entities who are found to not have successfully learned the necessary lessons of their density will then repeat that density.

Polarizing/Polarization = Typically viewed as opposing sides (i.e. male/female, hot/cold, up/down). However, Ra most commonly refers to the idea of polarity in consciousness throughout the Law of One material, identified as service to others or service to self. This is a key concept because of the requirement to polarize our consciousness in order to graduate from our current 3rd density experience.

Catalyst = Any experience we encounter, whether good or bad, that is processed by the mind, body, or spirit. Catalyst is the prime mechanism that an entity can use to evolve through the opportunities that are presented to it. Catalyst can be programmed preincarnation or it can be random. Either way, the catalyst is designed to bias or polarize the entity one way or another.

Space/Time & Time/Space = These terms describe our relationship to the illusory world in which we reside. Space/time can be considered the physical or visible, where time/space is the metaphysical or invisible. In other words, space/time is what we currently experience with three dimensions (length, width, and height) and one dimension of time, operating in a continuous flow. Whereas time/space would be the opposite with three dimensions of time (past, present, and future) and one dimension of space, as yourself.

Wanderers = Entities from higher densities that hear the suffering call of 3rd density and chose to incarnate back into the 3rd density experience to attempt to be of service and aid the harvest. The risk wanderers take by re-entering a 3rd density mind/body/spirit complex is that they must undergo the veil of forgetting. Due to this loss of previous memory, there is the potential of becoming karmically involved and caught in the planetary vibration; requiring the wanderer to continue to reincarnate until the karma acquired can be worked off before returning to their "home" density. Wanderers don't really have any conscious advantages in coming back to 3rd density but do have unique abilities, biases, and talents from the density which they have come. If the wanderer realizes these by penetrating the veil during their incarnation, it can allow them to be of greater service utilizing these abilities. Another benefit to the wanderer, is that it has the potential to greatly accelerate the evolution of the density that it comes from because of the intense experiences present in 3rd density. On the other hand, wanderers typically end up experiencing more problems (distortions) during their 3rd density incarnation due to the differences in vibration and harmony found in the higher densities of which they are accustom.

Social Memory Complex = Typically formed in 4th density when a group of mind/body/spirit complexes all seek in one direction either in service to others or in service to self. At that stage, the individual's memories and experiences become known to all in the group forming the social memory complex. This process also causes all individual distortions (insecurities, emotions, thoughts) to become known to the group, nevertheless, automatically accepted and harmonized. When social memory is achieved, the individual will still maintain some "uniqueness" through its personality differences. The social memory complex is natural in evolution of the mind complex in its journey towards knowing the Creator as the Self.

I hope this helped explain some of the common terminology used throughout the Law of One material. If you are interested in additional information, please check out my Podcast where I have gone more in-depth on a number of these concepts. If there are any other terms you would like defined, please let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to address them as best I can!

With Love & Light,


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