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Looking at Love through The Law of One

The idea of love is one that has been on my mind frequently for quite some time. It is a concept that seems to be misunderstood or generically used by many. In this post, I plan to look at what "love" is according to the Law of One and the ways it is used throughout the material. Then to consider its importance and potential perspectives on cultivating this faculty.

To begin, in (27.13) Ra distinguishes the difference between the vibration of love being a level of conscious awareness known as 4th density where entities learn to do the activity of "loving" as the lesson of that density; and the Love from the second distortion which is the primal co-Creator of all of creation that uses intelligent infinity. This aspect of Love is the only energy there is behind everything that creates the infinite universe and performs every function. Ra commonly refers to this as love/light, light/love, or intelligent energy.

Looking at this definition from a high-level, the energy of Love is created when the first distortion of Free Will taps the potential side of intelligent infinity to produce the Creative Principle or Love (the second distortion). Love then uses it's Free Will to create Light (the third distortion) which creates the physical manifestation of the universe. To attempt to summarize this, Love is the creative expression of the nature of the Creator. Developed in order for the Creator to know Itself through Free Will, It developed a conscious blueprint of the infinite universe that was brought into manifestation by virtue of Light. As a result of this loving energetic creation, the Creator can learn who It is through these relationships.

From this, we can begin to see the differences between the definitions of "love". There is the intense feeling or emotion definition, and also the creative energetic force that is consciously apart of everything. I don’t feel there is a "right" or "wrong" definition, but these can instead provide an understanding that love is a complex term that can be viewed on a few levels.

Since, Love is inherently sown within everything and as the force that creates or destroys all, we can begin to see that when we are expressing love, it has the potential to offer great power and service. When we are in a loving state and participating in loving relationships, we are in-tune with the Love energy of the Creator. And subsequently, becoming a co-Creator through tapping into the intelligent energy within us and expressing it when we are in this state.

To highlight other attributes Ra refers to love as, consist of the "great healer of distortions" (62.26) and "the great protector" (63.5). I believe this is the reason that Ra constantly encourages the idea of being in loving relationships with one another and how impactful they can be when in harmony. Not only offering healing energy but also providing protection. This also helps to explain the concept that Ra mentions regarding when entities learn to refine and send their love and light to help aid others in the shape of thought-forms as a powerful service (78.7). This is also done on a more advanced level by the Confederation as described in (21.17) as a service that sends pure, undifferentiated love streaming's to those who call.

Another way that love is used in the Law of One comes from one of my favorite quotes (17.30), where Ra says "The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self." This resonates with me because I feel that it meets you where you are at on your spiritual development and grows in strength as you learn to love yourself and others as the Creator. Based on how open the heart is, one can radiate that amount of love of the Creator to others and all of creation. This seems to be a fundamental point also to acknowledge that we really need to deeply love ourselves as the Creator in order to love other-selves and be of service to them. It is like the saying goes: "We can only love others as much as we love ourselves". However, at a glance, this may sound like a self-serving statement but when realizing that all is One, in loving the Self, we are loving all. The key component to this on the positive path comes by means of opening the heart and realizing that everyone and everything else is also part of the One, just the same as you, so that this love is equally shared in service to all. There is a fine line to tread here in order to not become narcissistic but hopefully that can be seen. Another crucial component to this quote that I have found is the importance of one's intention. Ra uses the phrase "constant attempt", which I correlate to one's intentions. Therefore, if you are truly intending to share love with others, this is one of the most powerful acts of service to others that we can offer.

So why is love important? Besides the fact that it is part of everything and a conscious aware energy; it is the concept that facilitates entities like us in a 3rd density experience to progress and graduate to the 4th density. By activating and minimally opening the 4th energy center of the heart, we can begin to learn the ways of love through the higher levels of conscious awareness. This can be seen when each reaction to situations is based in love, we have actualized 4th density consciousness.

Although most people seem to know the importance of love and loving relationships, many tend to offer their love with conditions whether they realize it or not. Such as the crude example, I love you because you make me happy, but if you stop making me happy, I no longer love you. From my perspective, this is one of the primary lessons that we are working on in 3rd density currently, to open the heart and begin to love unconditionally. The key word here is "unconditionally", and of course, is the hardest. But this seems to have the most benefit if we can love, accept, and trust, unconditionally. This is something that I have been working through and consistently have to keep in mind because it can be difficult. Placing conditions on our love is a common 3rd density trait but is one that can be worked with and balanced.

From my experience and from Ra's teachings, if we desire to experience love, then it is quite helpful to learn to give love without expecting anything in return. To truly experience love, one must leave behind any expectations or opinions of what love is to fully experience and appreciate its power and grace. The purest form of love requires no return, this is the love of the Creator. This is seeing the Creator in each other-self and in all of creation. Being in this loving state, we are in a place where we can give love but also be open and receptive to receiving love from others. When we are able to truly be present with others, we can really experience the love in those moments. And by seeing the light of the Creator in all, we are much more likely to be in that loving state, which also reduces our judgements of others and makes space for us to accept all for who and what they are. I think that most would agree that when they are in a loving state, they tend to be much more peaceful and gentle towards situations that arise. Which in turn, creates a much more compassionate way of life for all.

Cultivating loving energy also stems from the ability to forgive, accept, and express gratitude. Although not always easy, being able to forgive is a powerful catalyst when it comes to expressing love. This is one example of how unconditional love works, loving others and having compassion for them no matter what they do to you or others. Tying in with acceptance, involves understanding that this other portion of the Creator is actually you, so that this aspect of the Creator is really an aspect of yourself. Therefore, accepting this and understanding life experiences through this lens can be helpful. However hard it may be to hear, this also applies to the negative entities as well, which can take time to accept and understand from this perspective. As Ra says, forgiveness is the eradicator of karma (18.12), and that forgiving the other-self is forgiving the Self since we are all One! Forgiveness is not possible without including the self. Lastly, practicing gratitude is also important because it helps ground one in the present moment and can create space for one to be happy with where they are at as their individualized expression of the Creator.

Another quality that I have found to be instrumental when working to maintain a loving state is that of patience. This is because when we are patient, I associate this with an open heart which helps us handle potentially triggering situations in a gentle or more graceful manner. And when done in this fashion, has the likely potential to diffuse the situation, allowing the heart to remain open. But when you lose your patience, you typically say something you don't mean or act in a way you do not intend. I feel that this is because when we lose our patience, our heart is actually closing at that point leading to these types of negative responses. I would encourage you to be mindful of this and notice how your patience level can be tied to your loving state.

On a final note for this post, love not checked or balanced can lead to martyrdom. This is when an entity is taken advantage of or suffers to the point of their own deterioration or death. This was the big concern for Carla as a member of the L/L Research channeling group since she had a tendency to be overly loving. This is where wisdom is needed, in order to set boundaries and balance this love so that it can be shared in an appropriate manner that does not deteriorate the entity or end it's opportunity to continue to be of service to others during their incarnation. This is an important point to consider, because as powerful as love is, it can also be used against us if not supplemented with wisdom. I know I have had a tendency to be taken advantage of in these circumstances, so an important skill that I have been working on involves creating boundaries and knowing how to lovingly reject circumstances that lead to my energy being depleted or being taken advantage of.

I hope this article was interesting and educational on the concept of "love" as presented in the Law of One. How else do you maintain a loving state or work to cultivate love? I'd "love" to hear about it in the comments below!

With Love & Light,


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