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What is the Law of One?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The Law of One material (also known as the Ra Material/Ra Contact) is a channeled work that consists of 106 sessions with an advanced extraterrestrial entity known as Ra. These sessions were conducted in question-and-answer format in order to maintain the free will of those involved. The channeling of Ra began in 1981 by a group of three individuals from L/L Research, Don Elkins (the questioner), Carla Rueckert (the channel), and Jim McCarty (the scribe). Although this group had been channeling other entities previously, their work really culminated with The Law of One Material.

The channeling method used for this contact was somewhat unique. Ra referred to it as "narrow-band" contact channeling which required precise conditions, with all three individuals present and in harmony in order for Ra to be able to clearly transmit messages. Not only this, but for Carla to channel Ra, she had to enter a trance state to then allow Ra access to manipulate her vocal cords to form verbal answers to the questions proposed by Don. During the channeling, Carla was unaware of the conversations happening and would have to go back and relisten to the session afterwards in order to see what was channeled through her.

The information provided by Ra was carefully constructed by selecting the most appropriate words available to provide the clearest and most precise answers possible. Due to this, many of Ra's responses have a tendency to be quite dense and utilize terminology that can be rather unfamiliar to some.

The Law of One material is fascinating in that it provides answers to many historical, philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual questions. All while emphasizing the timeless nature of Oneness at the core of our existence. Interestingly, many people who are drawn to this material claim to find comfort in the message or have a deep remembrance sparked within them through Ra's words and message.

This material can be used in many ways and serve different purposes for each. However it is used, the Law of One has great potential to significantly impact one's life and to provide spiritual seekers with inspiration along their journey.

In closing, I would recommend visiting L/L Researches' website if you are looking to learn more about The Law of One material. There is a plethora of information available on this website, accompanied by other channeled work they have produced. You can also access any of their published books or other media. I would also recommend checking out my podcast "The Law of One & Spiritual Concepts" as an additional resource.

With Love and Light,


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